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Oddly, the worst part about this instance of my damn back flaring up wasn't the crippling pain, but something very incidental. The pain leads to a severe lack of sleep. This (for some reason I don't understand) leads to me losing my appetite. This is not the same as not being hungry, it's just being unable to stomach eating. For the past few days I have been deathly hungry, yet unable to manage so much as a pack of Ramen. Fortunately, last night I forced myself to scarf my way through several packets of crisps and now I feel cured, having slept for ten hours. Well, FSVO cured. My mouth feels like it's full of cotton wool, and I haven't even been dropping acid to get there. Perhaps it's that I've finally fully quit smoking (as I can't smoke whilst sick) and thus am getting the side effects of my system beginning to fix itself. Who knows? Not I.

In other news, it's fucking boring outside. Grey and rain as far as the eye can see, which is rain-slicked roof slate. Inspiring, in a kind of inner-city decay kind of way but not for the kinds of things I need to do. However, this also means that by going out I'm going to get pissed on. Bah. So a boring day in front of this machine. My ICQ list is nearly empty, the Americans having all bailed for this strange holiday they have in the middle of Winter that they call Spring Break. So I'm re-re-reading Unknown Armies stuff, coming up with random ideas. Keep watching for any that make it to fully typed up ideas.

I'm also going to be playing a lot more Fallout 2 to conquer the boredom. Damn boredom.

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