Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Time moving on

horza moves in tomorrow. Place still isn't tidy. I should work on that. I should also work on ironing a shirt for tomorrow. Nice, easy things I can do without getting my brain all cracked up before I sleep. Motivation isn't such an easy thing for me to get right now. Two stories done. Need to edit three more, then I can scare all the people who haven't seen my Mage-meets-SF stuff before. Should be fun, if ever I can get it done.

Passport arrived. No more barriers to flying out unfeasibly early Saturday morning. Too much to do beforehand. Too much preparation. It's times like these I wish I didn't leave everything until the last minute. Unlike so many protagonists, I can't solve everything with a bomb and a knife. They're fictional, their lives are notably easier in that regard.

Need to wash more clothes. Also need to leave myself notes so I remember that this place is going to have other people in it from now on. Also need to fix the hoover.

$DEITY, I'm talking about hoovers. I feel old. Time to clean up.

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