Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Thoughts while Packing

  • Shit. I should have washed clothes before Thursday night.
  • How the fuck am I going to get rid of a kilo of mince?
  • Smashed a bowl. Now I feel like the clumsy alcoholic that I am.
  • Missing both the Beltane Beach Party and the Emmental party. Don't feel bad about either of them, for obvious reasons.
  • Pepper bolognese? Genius!
  • Still can't get fixed in my head that I fly Saturday
  • Fuck it, bacon makes everything better
  • Deadline had better not be tight again.
  • Must run photocopies over to Emmental.
  • I hope the washing dries in time. Otherwise, I'm fucked.
  • Fuck, it's hot in here.
  • Saturday? Saturday? Shite'n'onions. That's the day after tomorrow. How could I not realise this?
  • At least the food's marvellous.
  • The art of procrastination is in always having something more urgent to avoid. Hence why I have the overwhelming urge to edit.
  • The space bar on my desktop is getting close to knackered.
  • Why do I feel like I'm travelling light? I never manage that.

I may add to this as the night goes on.

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