Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Arrived. Flight over was good, avoided DHS, connecting flight was evil. There is no need to repeat the "For your comfort, the entire airport is non-smoking" every ten minutes. Especially when I've been herded through security without time to say "Get off me you stuck up badger-fondlers, I need nicotine" and thus can't leave again. Lots more rants on the treo, but they're worthy only for archive purposes.

Watch is on dual time. Telling me that I woke up at just before three in the afternoon/ten in the morning after falling unconscious (people who fall asleep generally move when sleeping) at 2am/9pm. Still need to work out which time zome I have installed.

Plans for today apparently include me getting on a horse. The mind boggles.

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