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New Stuff

Okay, I've been writing and have a couple of new things up on Head there, and look for "Hug a Nuke" and "Hong Kong Cops" in the "Rumours" section. The first one's almost verbatim from a comment to an earlier post but I felt it needed a wider audience. Besides, UA needs more ideas as to what's up with the afterlife.

I'm writing this, of course, because I've got lots of work to do and I just don't want to. Fucking procrastination. I really, really hate being like this. At least the glacky feeling is starting to ease off, but maybe that's the Irn Bru. Still, at 59p a bottle, I can't complain.

Anyone had any experience with Linux office suites, specifically If so, or if you know of one that needs more publicity and more users, let me know.

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