Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

That's the thing about birthdays, once you've moved out you never feel older. Certainly didn't all the time I was at university. They're just nice ways for family to mark the years, that's all. As for me, woo. I'm 24 now. That means... nothing much. No big change in outlook, no need to re-evaluate my life or any of that crap. Just another number for when people ask my age. Nothing much else.

Except the excuse for a piss-up, of course.

Now beardless. Damn thing's too scratchy and it's too hot. Not going as far as akicif, that'd be undoing far too much hard work. With just the hair, I look like an extra from the Highlander series. If I were a lesser man, I'd make icons.

Kris has learned to never doubt me when it comes to movies. She's finally seen Shawn of the Dead. That should say it all.

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