Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Random Snippets of American Domesticity

There's some American bacon that isn't thoroughly terrible. This surprises me. Even so, no plate should ever combine maple syrup and bacon. That's just all kinds of Wrong right there and should be removed from the superflow. Not a thrilling taste combination by any means.

I've finally heard some far-right[0] pundit use the words "the liberal media". In perfect seriousness. On Fox News. And I thought CNN was bad... why do we let these people appear on television again?

Lots of people over here cannot tell the difference between a hand-rolled cigarette and a joint. Hand-rolling is better than smoking the camel-dung that they put in the cigarettes here, but the looks I get are amazing.

Balktimore tomorrow. Have no means of contact, or indeed idea of where I'll be. Chances of meeting people are minimal. The usual apologies, seems everyone wants to meet up every time I'm on this rock but I never get around to it. Drag your filthy carcasses to Edinburgh instead.

[0]: The two parties in the US are far-right and near-right. Those are the only ones with real prominence. The US Greens are centrist and the Libertarians should be shot on sight for gross political stupidity.
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