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Oh, shit

Only now do I realise how far behind fucking schedule I am.

It was February 27th I finished the encryption. Thanks to putting my back out and sundry other shite, I started working on the project again tonight. 11 fucking days of nothing. Damnit!

Not only that, but I've been working on the decryption and got it fixed and running. I won't say working, because it doesn't. I give it a message and the key. It produces output, the encrypted message. It should now change that back into what I gave it. It doesn't. Instead, the output I do get is a seemingly random stream of bytes. None of the decryption rounds mirror the encryption rounds. I have no fucking idea what's going wrong and I can't be having this shite right now.

Fuck me gently with a ten foot wrought iron fencepost wrapped in barbed wire and tipped with curare and no lubrication.
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