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Absinthe for breakfast

The bulls got stuck in Pamplona. Last night was thus spent idly playing City of Heroes until gominokouhai got off work and then going round to his for booze.

Copious amounts ensued. We got drunk, ranted, people arrived, we ranted more, and generally decreased stress levels thusly. We tried watching Withnail and I, but were digressing into other rants, so I've only seen half of it. But it really is rather entertaining, seeing two ex-Doctors drinking and ranting. And it's a very quotable film. I left with a need to see the rest of it, a political rant, and another political idea/thing that I need to write up as an essay to get out of my fucking head.

This morning, the first thing to pass my lips was alcohol. Not just any alcohol, but rather good absinthe. The Republican March going through town made getting to the place we'd agreed on for foods rather more difficult than it should have been, but we managed. After the booze, followed by a great steak, I spent the afternoon helping joexnz paint over the scratches on her car, and buying beer, some of which was used for cooking. Movie night ensued. Drinking ensued. Left around half one, wandered home, and decided that drinking more would be a good idea, just so I could say that the first and last things to pass my lips today have been alcoholic.

This Stoli's been in the freezer so long it has ice in it. Need to do something about that. Drinking more is the current favourite.
Tags: alcohol, relief, stress

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