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Things I have learned today

Heat + humidity leaves me even crankier than usual, though I'm controlling it much better than I have in the past. Does lead to uncontrolable lethargy, though.

I dread the thought of "the hottest summer on record since 1910" or whenever. It makes me want to shoot people.

There are articles buried in my LJ history that should go up on as soon as I track them down.

There are still three Strange Future stories to edit, and I still do not have the energy to do so. Someone give me good reason to.

I hate editing. Wait, I didn't learn that one, I just remembered. Again.

Widescreen televisions and flats on the second floor[0] of buildings along the Royal Mile do not mix. Especially with narrow spiral staircases.

Getting a group of people together on one night without messing with prior obligations is almost harder in person than it is online.

I will never do all my ironing on time if there is anything else to do. What happens when this "anything else" is editing (and only editing) I do not know.

List updates are a hell of a lot easier on my tired and overheating brain.

Fish suppers have a wondrous ability to make me feel alive.

I need to respond to e-mails faster.

[0]: To hell with you Yanquis and your floor-numbering insanity!
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