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Met Lydia (WINOLJ) last night, when horza suggested I introduce her to the pub as he had a game to go to. Did so.

Awoke this afternoon by the phone. Remember through the fog of memory that I had said "We should go up Arthur's Seat" while in the pub. Mumbled something along the lines of "uuurgh..."

Met up again by her arriving at door, horza having vanished again. Took painkillers, drank water, decided that fresh air would do my system good. Bru did my system better. The initial plan was for me to sit out the actual "climbing the seat" part and just sit, drinking Bru and smoking cigarettes until I felt human.

Like all plans, this did not survive contact with the enemy. Hence, we climbed and got to see from rather high up. It's the first time I've actually been all the way up. I must do it again, as it was really rather refreshing.

Fixed the till that the girl in Piemaker was having troubles with once we'd got back to ground level. Got four pies and a donut for the price of one pie. I like knowing how things work. Then on to pizza, beer, and movies.

It was a bloody good day, all told.
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