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Nine hours' sleep again. I could get used to this, if I had it more than once a week.

But anyway. Right, here's the plan. First, we go in there and get wrecked, then we eat a pork pie, then we drop some Surmontil-50's each. That way we'll miss out on Monday and come up smiling Tuesday morning...

Whoops. Wrong plan.

Getting back into remembering to put things on An occasionally nontrivial task given my hatred of editing. I've the fastfiction to put up. Stories in precisely 200 words. They come pre-edited to hit that word-cap. Some work very well indeed, some just work.

The plan is with regards to the last poll. I post the extant fastfiction to the site. Then, once that's up to give people an idea of what it's like, I ask (on the site, it's a location-specific event) for genres or titles and write a piece of fastfiction to each. It only works if I get lots. I'm aiming for a minimum of 10 stories. The difference to all my other events is that I'll be asking for donations from people who like the new stories. No pressure or guilt. Just seeing if it will work.

There's more detail and more words behind it. But it's a start.
Tags: plan, positive-sum, writing

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