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Well holy fuck

Just before moving up here I had a big "No more secrets" kick, where I basically laid everything bare that the majority of the world didn't know: New job, moving to Edinburgh, et cetera. But there was one rather more open secret that a fair few people still don't know about.

Last April, and then last October, I went through a rather stressful time, and not everyone yet knows why. And yet, the Quarterly's up on the White Wolf site. Looks like I can definitely tell the world. No more secrets.

I was busy writing a chapter of Lore of the Foresaken, for Werewolf: The Foresaken.

Rushing to get things done and forgetting about deadlines until they were mere weeks away, so I spent far too long working non-stop, four hours of sleep and the rest of the time at work or writing. I didn't get cut from the book, so I must have done something right, but the amount of time I spent looking at those words I don't know if they're genius or carefully-spun rubbish. They've melded with how I was feeling them, and I can't re-read the proof I sent without wanting to rewrite it at least ten times. It's the sort of thing I will likely never be happy with.

The book's out in September. I wrote the chapter on Gifts and Rites. Let me know what you think when you read it.
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