Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Random pub quotes


Because I find them somewhat inspiring.

"Sinuses in your watermelon?"
"Yes. I got an Action Taxidermist to put someone's sinuses in my watermelon. Watermelons need more sinuses, damnit."

"Why is it we're looping around homoeroticism every twenty minutes but cyberpunk takes an hour or so?"
[which ended up being]
"Okay... homoerotic cyberpunk skullfucking. The musical. In Welsh."

"Is a Welsh accent okay? ./~There's a hole in my head/It has an iris gap/I want you inside my brain/Shoot your information deep./~"
[and yes, there was a tune]

"I draw the line at deep-fried bukkake."

"All slashfic can be improved by the addition of a cybernetic utility penis. With household attachments. And an MP3 player."

"Charles Clarke: Minister of Truth and Scottish Country Dancing."
Tags: alcohol, surreal

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