Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven


Woke up. Walked some, nearly killed "protesters" who gave us stick for not wearing white. Fuck'em if they can't see that politics is more than colours.

Got bacon sandwich. Wandered crags to get away from people. It worked. stormsearch took pictures that I want to turn into a photocomic at some point soon.

Walked back from the Hollyrood end (if I'm not careful, this excercise is going to become a habit), got food and booze and picked up horza. Proceeded to gominokouhai's place for barbecue. Which was fantastic.

Left there much later, wandered homewards and thought "fuck this, I'm off to the Mission". So off I did go. And lo, I did dance until I couldn't breathe right. Which is good, because it proves I'm not turning into one of those superfit freaks that I'm so worried about. I can still drink and smoke with the best of them.

Now, I'm fucking tired, my legs hurt, and I want to sleep more than I want to rant. Which is good.
Tags: alcohol, barbecue, protest, update

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