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Poison darts of pleasure

London thoughts went to Enemy Territory, as they're rather political. Not being a rant, I may move have copied them to the main site in a day or two. I had to get them out now, today, or I wouldn't have written anything. Done the paralysed with indecision before. Not again.

Got four hours sleep last night. Same amount night before. This is not healthy. Must sleep tonight. Getting pished last night didn't help. Been off all day, and then heard about London. People in office repeating "We'll be next" like they were annoyed that we weren't hit. Combine with sleepdep leads to Stew.paranoia++; believe I may have been a lot of an arse to a lot of people there and elsewhere.

Appear to be turning into a mini-version of the Goth Agony Uncle. Good thing I turn drama into stories or I'd have nowhere for it to go. Now if I could just stop thinking of myself as a protagonist.

Walked the Crags again. Good for my head. Altitude is a wonderful thing.

In the mood to edit. Got another Strange Future out of the way. The whole set will be done. Not tonight, but soon. Because I refuse to stop posting to my main fucking site through lack of time. Again, I need a PA to remind me of things like having a site to put edited writing.

What're the other Three Horsemen of Clarke's Panopticon?
Tags: drama, london, panopticon, stress, walking

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