Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

I should be at joexnz's place for the watching of films. Despite wanting to, this isn't going to happen. I've found all my energy depleted by the week, and so instead will be in the pub. Because the pub is somewhere I can drink and smoke and chat and not have to think.

White Wolf license thing is Yet Another Example of badly-worded unenforcable shite from the MET arm. As I can't stand MET/LARP in general and I know a hell of a lot of idiotic larpers, my response rant is going to target both sides. Just like the old days on the Forum. I even intend to be drunk for it, to give it the authentic nostalgia.

Not like the license is going to stop me writing for them, after all.
Tags: alcohol, rpg

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