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Hot hot heat

Suit. Tie. Hot trains both ways. Mouth still burned from lunch.

Fucking Network Rail and it's bastard reduced services.

Is that growling my stomach wanting more, or wanting rid of what it has?

Darting from shade to shade. Direct sunlight will just make me explode from too much fucking heat.

Send the fucking snow. Snow I can deal with.

Shadow to shadow. Ducking into the patch caused by some fat fucking tourist then skipping out of the sun against a building side again.

Check the time. Later than I wanted. Later than I hoped. Come the hour, come the man. Come the shade, come the changing man.

Definitely hunger.

Need nicotine. Need food. Need drink, alcohol or caffeine makes no odds.

Need to freeze my brain. Can't think straight. Liquid nitrogen, oh yes.

Liquid streets flowing into each other.

Realise that I may be suffering slight delerium caused by hunger + being too fucking hot. Don't care.

Makes more interesting LJ posts than otherwise.
Tags: delerium, heat

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