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Lots of things. Was going to be one superentry, but it'd not get read and the tagging would be horrendous. All are cut for space constraints.

I need an icon for scheduling/PA stuff. I also need a means of remembering to put things in my Treo and pay attention to the reminders.

Remind parents that I am perfectly capable of cooking myself.
Shave. While the fuzz looks good, it isn't winter and it's getting fucking annoying.
Walk, in order to remind myself what this place is really like. And to have a crafty cigarette.
Visit grandparents.

Escape Hull on the 11:00 to York, and should be back home[0] for 14:50
Do some shopping (comics, gaming stuff, monthly jaunt into Transreal) and drop by the army surplus place on Leith Walk
Some point in the evening: Dinner with gominokouhai and stormsearch, as we've been meaning to for a while.
After that, proceed to the Hoose, with the eventual goal of getting pished.

Tidy flat.
Do ironing, more washing.
Remember that Dad is coming up on Saturday and thus some things will need hiding.
Meet with anjylle to discuss writing and drink coffee.
Proceed from there to Fireborn
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