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Been going through some cognitive dissonance with regards to the roles of the computers I own, especially with Kingmob starting to fall into the realms of "main" computer and portable both. There's a few issues at play. First is that the network cable for Barbelith is fucked. Random loss of connectivity every thirty seconds leads to an inability to do anything online. Even when writing, I usually need to be online. Add to that, her disks are so hideously disorganised that an entire "start again from scratch" is the best way to deal with anything. If I were to do that, I'd first upgrade mobo, graphics card, processor, and memory. She's still sat where she was this time three years ago, and as her second use is as a decent gaming machine this isn't good enough.

Kingmob needs sorting out. Currently he's dual-booting, but Ubuntu seems to hate the onboard networking whenever there's a signal. So I'm stuck in Windows-land, using him for IMing, web, and e-mail. And all the games that Barbelith can't run. In addition to being the most-used computer, Kingmob is also the one I drag around all the time. I was toying briefly with the idea of a 12" powerbook as a more portable machine for on-the-road uses when I'm likely to need more than my phone but less than my main machine. But if I get Barbelith upgraded then I can work on getting Kingmob as a dedicated Linux-only machine and things will start to fall into place, if only because I won't have to worry about dual-booting and games fucking things up, and can get back to using each machine for their main roles.

Finally, the phone. Part of the reason for the powerbook-lust was my lack of exploitation of my extant resources. The treo is a wonderful thing once you get used to exploiting it fully, and I haven't yet. I have it, yet rarely use the calendar. I take notes when I can remember, but it's become little more than a big-screen phone with GPRS and a proper couple of keyboards. That's doing it a disservice. Most of what I drag kingmob around for I can do on my phone, everything up to but not including transferring movies. I need to train myself to use the Treo properly, rather than ignoring half of the useful stuff.
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