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Head went a bit last night. N a train out of hull and I can feel the tendrils wrenching out of my psyche as we get to Brough. That's the boundary. Away from there and the influence gets less and less.

While waiting for the t4rain, I got hit with the kernel of an idea for eyebeams' Ready to Run Roleplaying system, the one I used for an urban fantasy game a year or so ago. So I've got Ready to Run Superheroes in a scratchfile just waiting for me to get back to the system and remember how it all works out again.

I know he was going to update it at some point, but I'm not going to make any demands of a newly-engaged man.

I don't know how long this inspiration will last orif it's just euphoria at getting away. So much I want to play with again. Updating the fantasy game. Finishing the 24 hour supers. Updatiung and streamlining the Deus Ex game. Putting some words behind the Thatcherpunk.

Catch me with ideas while you can.

On a related note: I need some good, free, list-making software for the treo yet am on a train where the bandwidth is too crap to google for it myself. Anyone have any suggestions? As general as possible, please; I want to be able to write shopping lists and reasons to hate Harry fucking Potter as easily as I can listthe outline for a book with detailed notes on each chapter. Bonus points if you've used it and can vouch for it not being shite.

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Outside of Hull and feeling better already

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