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Monday morning

Spent most of yesterday avoiding social engineering. Or being socially engineered by my dad to do such things as climbing Arthur's Seat or going for food and then the pub.

Spent most of last night awake in a state of random panic. Eyes slam open at 3:33 and my first thought on seeing the red LEDs of my clock is "Fuck, the Invisible Clergy have come for me! I don't even have an archetype yet." Realise that the green glow thrown off by the big charging LED on my laptop is what's fucking with my sleep (it always has, and I will likely never know why). Unplug and return to bed.

Of course, I'd left my phone on charge by said alarm clock. Said radio alarm clock. Loudest interference of my life woke me up at half five, and then again at seven. The last was the worst, every five minutes between then and my alarm going off feeling like an hour. Which would have been nice if I'd been anywhere near asleep at that point.

This is, of course, just a cover for certain parts of my psyche running too close to their limit last night and fucking up my sleep anyway. Oh well. I have a tin. With caffeine in it. Beautiful caffeine.
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