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Situational updates

The past few days have been a bland mess of watching TV, trying to find the energy to work, failing to find the energy to work and just staring at code, and going to lectures to ease my eyes from staring at code. This is depressing me, as I have another six weeks of this, then I have to hand in what I have and fail, because I haven't the time or the energy to fix what I have and make it work... Damn, but I suck. There's a hole in the world, and it's drawing all of the good out of me.

The landlady here is still the most annoying person I have ever encountered in person.

ObGoodNews: I'm going to see MFP tomorrow. Got train tickets and everything. The world shall see how great, sexy, intelligent and amazing we are.

This room's a tip and we have people coming round tonight who want to look over the house. Damn cleaning...

Charles de Lint requires more respect than he gets.

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