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Turns out that the shop at work sells Kick. It's a Red Bull alike, just with two distinct differences:
  1. It's a lot cheaper
  2. It also comes in litre bottles
. And it's currently buy one, get one free on the litre bottles. They're about 97 pence. For two.

I drank a litre of Kick this afternoon. In the span of about an hour. I couldn't keep still on the bus. I had Tourettes when dealing with tourists. And I've been paranoid since (well, until escaping for nachos and brainstorming with anjylle).

Then I get out of the shower and my mobile's ringing. No caller ID. I pick up. Three clicks, the line goes dead. And the paranoia comes flooding back. I know it was probably a telemarketer (at midnight?), but how could I be sure? How do I know that my beautiful Treo, half of my brain, is not infested with schichiriron, waiting for me to drop my guard before eating my thumb next time I'm using the touchscreen? I can't be sure.

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