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Another last night roundup

Seemingly, I'm still alive. Though there are telltale twinges in my extensors that say "go easy on your fucking back, son". Whether I can listen or not I do not yet know.

In future, when going to see a popular film, I will book tickets over the intarweb. Mostly because this would stop me feeling like a dickhead on turning up and finding the bastard thing is sold out. So Endgame was preceeded by coffee instead of film. Eh, details. Night itself was rather entertaining in a "Right. Here's the bar. The music doesn't make me want to strangle anyone[0]. And I have cigarettes, and people are around." Spent some time looking somewhat scary at the door, and was informed that I was the Last Minute Rescuer stereotype. All that without even trying. It was probably the hat.

So. Today holds the probablity of purchasing boots, and the high probability of drinking later on. Whether this involves the Mission or not I don't yet know. It may do, unless anyone is willing to make me a better offer.

Now, to smoke a cigarette and hope that this headache buggers off. Damn caffeine headaches...

[0]: Except for the techno remix of the Doctor Who theme, without even the counterbalancing force of Doctorin' the Tardis.
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