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First things first: Though I have expressed my opinion of the war on other people's LiveJournals, and while I may express my own opinions of the war, I am going to disallow comments on those posts. Having seen the depths some people will sink to when I don't unilaterally support the "American way of doing things", I am not having that on my journal. I may make political statements, but that is what they are: Statements. If I wanted to discuss them, I'd take them to a public forum. I will not have my Journal, a place where I put my thoughts and my feelings out for the world, turn into some pile of political bullshit about the war. It's not going to happen. Any comments on other journal entries of mine that directly concern the war will be deleted without being read. This is my journal, and though it is selfish, sometimes I need a place where I can hear myself think without the cries of others deafening me.

To paraphrase (slightly) Warren Ellis, "I'll let myself sleep soon, and hope to hell the world doesn't seem so god-damn fractured when I wake up. Having said that, I also hope I wake to find half the world comitted suicide in my honour."
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