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Ahhh, the sofa. Throne of champions, glorious seat of those needing a bit of a sit down, and sleeping-place of my family when drunk for at least four generations. My spot fits like a tailored glove, it must be said.

No Mission last night. For some reason all energy deserted me shortly before people decided to head off. And this is after ordering Red Bull by the pint. So instead passed an evening in the pub, with grendelsmere and tatzlwurm. An enjoyable evening, all told. Even if the new barman did try the criminal act of putting ice in my Laphroaig. I left him alive, but shaken.

In other news: I have finally sourced a copy of Mutants and Masterminds. Took me long enough. Now to find the time to read it in amongst all the other reading that I have to do. And all the other writing as well. Sometimes the ability to absorb information from any media by osmosis would be very useful. Other days it would lead to me getting even more bored than I am.

Now, to remember what I had to do before Fireborn tonight. I'm sure there was something...
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