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Idea dump

Have a taste of what's on my brain right now:
  • Mesoamerican flavoured stuff for our alternate-setting Fireborn game.
  • Initial plots for the Mage game.
  • Jasper Fforde-style metafictional roleplaying. Over the Edge meets Jerry Cornelius and Continuum in a very well-stocked library.
  • Systems for the Thatcherite 80's game. Every time I think I have one, I realise that it's shit.
  • Time-travel fiction that's Continuum-esque
  • Damnit, I want to do something that's space opera without it being something I'd not want to read.
  • I wish I could draw. Then I'd have so much to show the world.
  • Still pissed off about ice in the Laphroaig. I shouldn't be, but I am.
  • If it weren't for work tomorrow I would be at Neon, getting more inspiration for the gnostic-post-Singularity stuff. Which I need to work on more.
  • Mutants and Masterminds, done as a JLU-style troupe game.
  • Has anyone done a giant robots/Gojira style RPG that doesn't have a shit system for upscaled combat?
  • Oh, $DEITY. At some point soon my social life dies as I start writing for cash again. I need people willing to both drag me to the pub, and stop me from going to the pub until I've written enough.
  • If I had a neural augmentation computer, what would I run on it?
Spicy brainmeats, no?

What's on your mind? Tell me. Share ideas. Give me your inspiration! Give me information bukkake!

Just not deep-fried. There's a line drawn before there.
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