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If you meet the seagull, kill the seagull. Any seagull. Fuckpigs woke me up at half three. And just would. Not. Shut. Up. Must sleep early to counteract two hours of nightmares.

Because of this, my brain isn't wired right for work. Unlike the past week, I need to be in work to do a very important monthly task. I have the feeling I'm going to fuck it up on the first day when I really can't afford to throw a sickie from simple lack of sleep.

Oh, $DEITY. I just found where I put the other litre of Kick. Bwahahahahaha!! The day's either going to be Hell, or marvellous. Might as well open the bottle and see.


Meet anjylle, and hope she brings the book this time.
Return to flat. Hopefully make some wordcount. Also hopefully catch coaldustcanary before I pass out into happy oblivion

Simple plan. Let's see how it holds up to contact with the enemy...
Tags: sleep

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