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Trog Mode On

Troglodyte mode (n): Turning a writing program to fullscreen and then some and setting it to the beautiful colour-scheme of white text on blue to prevent serious raster-burn in the eyes.

That's me, that is. I can't work around things as well as I could without a social life, so this is a general all-call for people to keep me sane and make sure that I don't piss away time-to-deadline.

If you see me in the pub, ask me how much I've written that day. Don't let up until I answer, or force me to head back home and write more. Because I need to.

I have a project to get on with and I can't have this bloody social life getting in the way.

Otherstuff: Time-travel short finished tonight depending on how well things go with the Mage character gen. Other projects probably still on hold. Alcohol cutdown caused by trog mode welcome due to hideous tiredness caused by hangover. You couldn't stop me going to bed early tonight for all the bourbon in Hemmingway.
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