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II believe I may have been whining like a bitch recently. This is mostly due to not getting much sleep, especially over the past couple of weeks, but frankly that isn't much of an excuse. I froth and complain because it's what I'm used to doing, not because there's actually anything wrong. Well, until I'm back in Hull, anyway.

After all. I have a job that doesn't suck. If I hadn't learned the ultimate rule of never going into job detail on LJ I would expand a lot more, but even so. I'm valued for what I know as much as how well I can do what they hired me for. The people aren't cunts and even better aren't pathologically stupid yet getting paid more than me. There are people I disagree with and people I don't like, but I don't have to work around them normally. And even with an hour's commute, we've a nice shiny new place to work.

And... fuckit, I live in Edinburgh now. A lifetime goal. There are people that I know and that know me (I'm still adapting to that, eighteen months of near-solitude in Hull hasn't yet been fully undone). I look to the right as I leave my front door and there's Arthur's Seat. Right there. I live in this city, at long last, and that alone is a reason to be happy.

Things could be a heck of a lot worse. They aren't. Given that it may appear that they are when Trog Mode kicks in on Monday, I just thought I'd remind people before the fact.

Right. Off to the pub.
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