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Sluggish to start, with creative spells and winds from the East

Woke up. No coffee in the morning. Before I could get a cup of caffeinated slurry at work, the bastard machines broke and weren't fixed until lunchtime. Spent the day slow, without anything to revive me.

Finally tested the canteen/restaurant at work. It's bloody good, and a very nice change from the old one. What other company provides a stir-fry bar as part of the canteen? I like my workplace.

Got home. Got stuff sorted. Have written, and have emptied brain of ideas for now. It's good, I hope, and I've got a definite starting point for tomorrow. Which always helps when trying to do 1500 words a day when knackered from work. Things are flowing, and I'm happy with their direction. I get the feeling that I'm going to enjoy doing this more than I did strong>Lore</strong>, if only because the source material isn't changing on me almost at random and it's material I can connect with. Though I will need to read bits of forsaken again and again. What else is the bus to work for?

Now, I need to get out of the flat for an hour. To the pub I go.
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