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Rules being broken

I've broken a personal rule, and started smoking in my room. I find myself needing a cigarette whenever I'm thinking hard, and the ideas come faster in the small breaks from typing when I roll, before jamming the cig between my lips and typing everything out in a frenzy. This does have the nasty downside of making the room smell of smoke. When I'm done, I must fix that. It's not a habit I endorse by any means (and it's certainly not general flat policy), but for now it's helping.

In other news, I budgeted myself Wednesdays free so I can be at Goth Pride Night. But as it is I'm storming ahead on wordcount and the urge to slip in a cheeky 500 before I leave is just too great. I recognise this feeling. It's the high that accompanies the first days of a new project. It'll probably pass soon enough, when I realise that my routine is once more sleepworkwritesleep, I may as well get some useful words out of it now. At least I'm not trying to do this with the same veil of secrecy as the last project.

Edit: Or not. Other writers turn off their net connections when writing, I can't bear to. I do too much spontaneous research online for that. The connection on the desktop has been fucking me around more and more. Up for two seconds, down for one. At best, this makes the 2MB broadband line slower than Cunting Dialup, at worst I can't get pages to load at all (took 4 goes just to edit this entry) and the machine locks up for a few seconds, really throwing my typing rythm.

It's not the network cable, I've used three and got the same problems. I cleaned the inside of the machine last night and re-seated the network card to no avail. I've tried every port on the router twice. Beginning to think it's old age for the NIC, after all it's one of the last original components of the machine left, or the motherboard complaining about it's arthritis. Unfortunately, I can't afford the upgrades that I needwant[0] for a good while yet. Just got to put up with it[1], unless anyone has any genius ideas.

[0]: Let's be honest, any reason for upgrading that includes "gaming" is not a need.
[1]: I refuse to type anything of length on a laptop, and even if I didn't there's little to no wireless coverage in my room, which makes it even worse.
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