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I hate people that take a moral high ground when someone they are arguing with starts with the profanities. Profanities are simply words. If an idea is so dumb as to boggle the mind, what is so wrong with calling it a retarded idea? What is wrong with using even stronger language? Only that some people's feelings might get hurt. Grow up. This is the Internet. People here are not shiny happy trippy freaks. You are not a special little snowflake. If you cannot take people disagreeing with you idea, especially if you are going to take offence at the way they choose to do it, don't type it. Don't put it online. The simple fact is, this is the Internet. By putting an idea here, you are inviting opinions, comments and criticism. To whinge when you get these just because of the choice of words is the mark of someone that is too immature to have their work online. Deal. If someone does nothing more than swear and curse at you, what's the problem? They're not offering any actual criticism, so ignore it. If they are offering valid points, look at those points. The words they are couched in are only there to make you take notice. I will agree that the profanities can be overdone into a simple case of persuasion by shock, but this is being cried far too early in most cases. That really, really gets to me.

I'm supposed to be starting a Mage game, with players that are actually going to be physically there, instead of on the other end of a computer. I still haven't any idea. With any luck, it'll go better than the last one. I can surely come up with some ideas.

There are too many online tests. Over the past few days, I have found out that I am 100% English (well, no surprises there), if I were a member of the Endless I would be Destiny, as a punk I am "old-style". I have found my Garou Tribes, my Mage Traditions, that I would most prefer furry handcuffs in bed and that if I were a cartoon I would lose my virginity to She-Ra. And those are just the ones I haven't posted. The fact that I have taken all of these tests scares me more than I can say.

Weebl and Bob. I realised that there hasn't yet been a link to Weebl and Bob, the greatest online thing ever. Spread the meme, people. Spread it far and wide, or I'll set Chris the Ninja Pirate onto you.

University goes slower than I'd hoped, yet faster at the same time. So little time to do so much work, and yet I'm still bored. I need to get motivated. Dr. X can help with that, at least. I've at least got my knack for mathematics back. Solving complex number equations never seemed so easy.

If someone can clue me in to why just about all the American females I know count me somewhere along a scale running from "Devilishly Charming" to "Irresistible", I'd like to know. Purely in the interests of scientific curiosity, you understand...

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