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Walking to and from gominokouhai's place tonight I was struck with the sudden urge to take the basics of the Iron Kingdoms RPG (a game that D20 does a hideous disservice to), mix in more than a little War Machine (the miniatures game that spawned IK), and give it a whole new system — a hybrid of Adventure and World of Darkness[0].

Despite a knowledge of the setting gleaned solely from hearing people go on about both source games.

This worries me. What worries me more is that I did the whole thing in half an hour. Flavour below, I got halfway through some writeups when walking.

Anyway: Origin as a "supernatural" template. Cygnar/Khador/Memnoth. Each gives a point in a related ability: Wits/Stamina/Presence, in that order. Likewise, have careers in each, like the Auspicies of Forsaken. Warcaster/Mechanik/Warjack Pilot/two or more specific to origin (Memnoth get Paladin, Cyganr get Gunmage, that sort of thing). Add skills: Mental gets Pilot, Physical gets Gunnery, Social gets Leadership. Careers determine Ability Specialties (2 each) and distribution of Bennies and Spells, as well as flaws. Bennies and Spells come from half generic lists and half origin-specific ones. Template-specific 'power' stat is Focus. Give each their own take on Morality &mdash Progress/Honour/Faith. Add Merits (several stolen from Adventure), add Dramatic Editing (spending Focus to activate) and make the target number 7 rather than 8. Nonhuman characters get different starting creation rules as opposed to WoD rules. All characters start at 35 XP.

Of course, this is based entirely on my hideously lacking knowledge of the source material, and was cooked up in half an hour. But it's something I would work on in future.

[0]: There is no "new" World of Darkness system. There is an old one, which is lots of variations on a theme. The only WoD system is the one in the World of Darkness book. Fuckers.
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