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Very random update

Last night proved why I was right tomove here. Left Neon and its sauna-like conditions at about half two. And there was rain outside. Rain and wind and cold. Exactly what I needed.

Passed the Hoose on the way home, but figured it was close enough to closing time that we wouldn't get served. Probably for the best.

According to certain people, the walk involved us stripping. Which is a blatant lie. I lost my t-shirt simply because it was too fucking hot. I still had the vest of many pockets and my coat, damnit. Stripping would have been more fun.

Today has been spent studiously doing fuck-all. Hence I went along to ISIHAC only to return to my writer's pit, stopping off at the pub and to get dinner. Listen along on Thursday, Radio 4, 1830 hours.

Despite being in the long slog where I can't spontaneously generate 2500 words, I took tonight off writing. For the best, I think.

Fuck only knows how I'm going to sleep in time for work given that I crawled out of my pit at one this afternoon... Hell, fuck only knows how I'm going to deal with work tomorrow. That should be fun. Glories of a day off.
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