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Insomnia Curse

If I said I got three hours' sleep last night I'd be exaggerating. I got a small amount, but not nearly enough. So I'm still claiming insomnia. And whining about it.

If I do not sleep tonight then I am calling it in. I have to make statements like this because otherwise my vast sense of loyalty and pride prevents me from doing anything as bad as taking a sick day when ill but my presence is required at ork (see how no sleep fucks my grammar?). But now I have to live up to what I have said I will do.

Of course, going in to work would mean I could see about signing up with work's doctor... fucking excuse generator in my head.

I go die now. gominokouhai is the one to ask about tickets to dance on my grave. Mind the lungfoam, it explodes like a nailbomb and has a half-life of several centuries.




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