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"I thought it was true love. That always screws things up, when Eros gets involved. He's a tricky fucker at the best of times. But then I dug a little. Found their secrets. Jealousy. Betrayal. Obsession. Now that, I know how to deal with."

No idea where that came from or what it's for.

Looks like I'll be keeping busy through October and into November by the way things are going. It's interesting. Part of the falling-apart in May was having nothing to do with Lore finished, and at least with more stuff piling up that isn't going to happen soon. Keeping busy is good. And it brings the money or the feedback, both of which are the writer's drugs of choice.

I like having stuff to do after work. I just have to make sure it's different enough that it doesn't kill me. This is why I couldn't do a novel. Too many ideas to waste. I need to jump between projects, 10K here, 10K there, all different beautiful ideas.

Stagnation is the enemy.
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