Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

This week is going to be the worst, stress-wise.

Writing 1. 5K to go is still 5K not yet written. I can't slack off because I'm nearly there.

Work. Massive thing that's slurping up all week. No early mornings, but possibly late nights and lots of stress to get it right.

Writing 2. Assuming I get contracts/outlines this week, or else there's a real danger that I won't have enough time to hit the deadline[0].

Organising Torchies/Stewards. Not in and of itself too stressful (it fluctuates) but on top of everything else it still eats time.

Memory Holes. Less frequent but still happening. Hell, always happening, thanks to my base level of sleep deprivation. Sometime soon I'll forget something important.

And a whole host of other social things that need doing or need resolving and every damn thing else. To top it all off, my knee started playing up last night and hasn't yet stopped.

Needless to say, I'm not going to stop smoking this week.

[0]: Which is stress in and of itself because it reminds me that I'm just playing at writing, rather than taking it as seriously as I want to. BUt doing that means quitting work and having no money and thus nowhere to live etc.
Tags: stress, update

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