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Things to do

Been busy today. Done random things that needed doing.

Finally organised the bookshelves. Everything's where I want it to be now, and I can see what and where everything is. The place is depressingly tidy.

Fixed Barbelith. Damn thing had lost the 250GB drive. Simple hardware connection issue. Re-seat the leads, everything's good. Stuck in a new network card as well, just to see if that fixes things.

Ordered the first stage of upgrades for the machine as well. Novatech == good. Next stage comes soon, once I know that this stage has worked...

So. Things to do at some point relatively soon:
  • Find everything that needs archiving on the 15GB hard drive, and put it on to one of the others.
  • Deduplicate the mess of files sat over the various hard drives.
  • Archive debian partition and make sure I know what I need.
  • Finish Shattered City
  • Start The Myth of Self
  • Check that I have all the software I need to install
  • Remember how to relax
What am I forgetting in that? Anything, or nothing?



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Sep. 18th, 2005 06:09 pm (UTC)
to be distracted of course ;o)
( 1 informant — We want information! )



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