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Time to deal with things.

Anyone in Edinburgh have a decent (preferably colour) printer, and if so is there any chance I could get you to run something off for me? My own printer's mostly shagged, and was attached to the desktop. Given that the desktop is going through an electronic autopsy, that ain't too good.

Secondly: Anyone UK-ian have experience of dealing with Novatech's tech/customer support people? Hell, does their mail-from-web form thing even work in Firefox, or is it just (as I suspect) wanking out and doing nothing? Any keywords I should use to make them give me kit that fucking works?

In other news, last night was randomly entertaining, but I really could have done with taking a few grids for Hippie Bullshit Bingo. Or just notes to do a proper deconstruction. But there was good juggling and fun acrobatics and conversation and stuff so it was worthwhile.

Today has been work. Tonight will be nickys' birthday thing. Once I finish this food, of course. Eating before alcohol is always a good idea.
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