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Autopsy complete. Both the motherboard combo and the gig stick of ram are dead. The graphics card and DVD burner are fine. So they're sat in a minimalist interpretation of my desktop. Fresh install of everything. It's scary, seeing a £100 graphics card reduced to 800x600 16 colour display.

Hence, I've spent the day up to my eyes in computer bits, fighting with screws and connectors. But all is good and I have a working desktop again. Which is good, because I'm writing again come Monday. Hence, I'm thinking about RPGs again.

The new Mage is... interesting. But it has made one thing clear: while I like a fair bit of it, I don't like it as much as Ascension. The tightening of scope took Werewolf and Vampire away from their old roots but gave them more freedom, more range. As eyebeams pointed out, Awakening is a whole new game. Moreso than the others. But while old concepts for the other two are portable (and often better) in the other two, that doesn't hold for Mage. The far side of modern occultism and weirdness has gone, replaced by one style of "traditional" magic. While this is a good thing, for making the game more accessible, it takes away the real-world feel. No more technomancy, no more mad chaos magician media-hackers. They fit in a game of modern magic, but not in a game where magic is half-remembered ancient truths in the modern world.

I think I may have to hack Awakening, as it has things that I really like (the concept of watchtowers is cool, though the execution leaves me cold), just cast to a framework that leaves me cold.

Probably when I've done some stuff with R3. Those of you who remember the *coughsephirothicchoke* modern fantasy game have v2 to look forwards to, as well as a trans/posthuman setting. And I must poke autopope about the laundry at some point.

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