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Took advantage of this being my first weekend truly without stress (no workstress and first drafts mailed in). In other words, I spent a goodly amount of time either drinking or hung over.

Friday was nickys' birthday celebration, featuring Kenny Young and the Eggplants, along with a couple of other bands who slip my mind right now. Excellent night, though the Underground was rather bloody hot. Then a random wander/song mangling[0] back to Nicky's place for cake and such, and off home. Wrote some drunken ramblings that need tidying up before I show them to the world.

Saturday was initially dealing with my hangover, then doing the Braincrack Run as the house was infested with people with computers playing some cartoony game or other. Headed to the pub pre-Ascension, posted the random update of doom, met up with gominokouhai and stormsearch, drank more, and headed to Ascension. The music was better than last time (less bleepy is always good), and there were minions in attendance. brain_hurts organised dragging me to Glasgow next weekend. I don't know whether to look forwards to it or be afraid. Probably both...

Sunday I worked out just how far I'd made fifteen quid go at the bar with the Revenge of the Zombie Hangover from Hell. Less vomiting, more feeling like my brain was leaking out. Bought socks (about which I will rant later), met gominokouhai (whom I showed Uncyclopedia), headed home and then out to the pub and then Neon. I believe the pub involved warping people's brains, but I can't be sure. Sodded off early (only three pints in) on account of it being a schoolnight, and still didn't get to sleep as early as I should. Shit happens.

Things to do this week:
  • Pay stuff in at bank
  • Polish random bits of writing
  • Stop coming up with RPG ideas I can't use
  • Start on Writing Project 2 (Spawn in the USA from now on)
  • Call Novatech when I have charge on my exobrain
  • Torchie/Steward meeting Wednesday
  • Glasgow Saturday
  • Possible housewarming Saturday evening
  • Samhuinn org meeting Sunday
  • Take it easy over the weekend as I'm back to being a writing man
That looks like enough, I think.

[0]: To stop figg pointing out that I can't sing.

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