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Lists make the world better

Meeting with purplerabbits earlier to go over some torchie stuff before tonight's org meeting. I came out of it with a list of stuff to think about and that we need to cover or update on on Wednesday. No more non-meetings like last week. Given that a (slightly drink-fuelled) nightmare had featured her psychoanalysing me at this meeting and picking apart everything I should be doing better, making lists was a positive step. Now, I just need to carry them through.

Org meeting afterwards was, well, an org meeting. At least I was able to share cynical comments with someone.

Other than that, I've been quiet because I've been busy. Social-busy, not wordcount-busy. Still, a proper rundown rather than random updates from my phone.

Thursday was work, forgetting to register with the doctor there, kicking myself over Wednesday's torchie meeting, then down the pub for anjylle's birthday. Met up with people, celebrated in the customary fashion, was joined by autopope, feorag, and fluffcthulhu. Watching that moron from Christian Voice on Question Time lead us to creating Cthulhu Voice, a lobbying organisation for followers of tentacled Elder Gods. Because the country needs one, damnit.

Friday was work, being too busy to register with the doctor there[0], more work, then sitting around with no energy until I decided to hit the pub along with horza. There was some party-thing, but I really wasn't in the mood. Fortunately, the pub was good. At one point, I was involved in something like four conversations at once. nickys gave me some freshers to play with, including a synaesthete and a lass from Bonn, so we talked about brains and minds and German beer. The Family showed up later, and things were rather good. Poured out of the door gone closing time, and fell asleep on my chair.

Saturday, I got up far too early in order to head to Glasgow with caffinomancer and brain_hurts and without keys or cigarettes (until I bought some). What was originally intended as a trad[1] goth outfitting was defeated by the spectre of my bank balance, though it worked well enough as a reconnaisance trip. The bankstuff will be fixed tomorrow, so it's no big deal. Then on to protocol_rain's housewarming. I don't remember details of much of the night through alcohol consumption, though I get the feeling I may have generated more than the usual amount of Perfectly Innocent Explanations. And/or the situations needing PIE's. I recall it being very enjoyable all the same.

Today involved waking up, buying bacon for breakfast and dinner, reading all of Powers in one sitting (read it if you haven't, people can borrow mine), and then stuff as above. Need to package computer bits for dispatch tomorrow. But other than that, it's going to be a quiet night. Which is bad, because I can just tell I'll be awake while about three. Again. Oh, well.

[0]: I know. I can tell excuses when I see them as well.
[1]: pron. "Flouncy".
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