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Last Night/nMage

Work department meeting yesterday. Hence, upon leaving the piss-up afterwards around 7, I was slightly inebriated (ten bottles of Tiger will do that to a man). Got home, polished off the bottle of wine that I'd acquired. Then, disturbed by the construction noises coming from above, I headed to the pub.

I think I'm finally starting to get the hangover...

Today's installment of fun stuff. Might take a break for the weekend.

I'm not sure how much more I can tell you. The Heresy have dug their talons in, and they never just let someone go. If you want to join the Council, you're going to have to prove yourself.

Our Orders mirror theirs in some ways, but we've a different focus. We're not trying to trap humanity in this illusion, we're trying to free them. Sometimes, that means breaking heads, and when the Adamantium Arrows come spoiling for a fight we have the Black Aegis to meet them head on. They're the witches with strange body modifications and the gunfighters with rune-encrusted pistols, but they're alsothe shamen calling down the wrath of thunder and the lunatic fringe with their weaponised entropy bombs and meme-guns.

The Golden Scepter aren't like their Silver Ladder. The Scepter lead from the bottom up, working with the community of mages and humans around them. They organise and they get things done, but they make sure everyone is clued in. Everyone from the marketroid using numerological hypermathematics for organisation to the houngan hearing advice from the Loa and passing it on to the chav on the street with a gang of his fellows, using the alchemical resonances of shaped gold to make himself a better leader.

The Seers of the Throne are the Heresy's innovators, finding ways to hide Atlantean magic in modern objects. Our Lightbringers - the Knights of Dischord go one further. They find new forms of magic, either through bold experimentation or combining elements of other forms. Some of them refine the practice over years, writing books on electronecromancy before dropping it all to start a new project, others spin out one idea a month and work on all of them at once.

Every group needs secrets, and for us the Panopticon don't just keep ours hidden, they break the Heresy's lines of communication. Hackers wrting in Enochian Perl working alongside mages with their scrying pools and numerologists. They keep us hidden, covering up what the Heresy would reveal to badmouth us, and they fight an informational war with the Heresy much as the Black Aegis fights the physical. The Panopticon are masters of secrets, both making them and breaking them.

Finally, the Seekers of the Void are the closest we get to magical research and occult archaeology. They use magic tostudy magic, and they're the ones working on our eventual goal — freeing humanity from the Heresy and letting it make it's own way. The Seekers won't be done until they find the Void that humanity can cross without them. Everyone from research witches to Zen Buddhists signs up, because the Seekers won't rest until they have the Truth behind it all.
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