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Well, that rather sucked

"What we have here, essentially, is a monument to a very niche of the gaming market. It doesn't just ignore the indie scene, it ignores big swaths of the "mainstream" print market to resolutely chase the fading memories of a gone time. This is the work of an audience afraid of the future and unprepared for it, who want nothing but what they've had before."

Bruce Baugh has summed up why I hate the Origins Awards. Fuck them. Fuck them in their myopic, braindead skulls.

So, today. Today was scary. Woke up at nine, for some obscure reason which jibed painfully with my going to bed not three hours earlier. Checked post. Something from the Uni. I keep expecting something official picking me up on my rather shite attendance record. I head back into my room, still not realising what time it is, open it up...

An invoice from the library, for the books that are a month and a half overdue. Thirty quid a book, four quid a book processing charge. The better part of seventy bloody pounds. This ain't a good thing when I'm having to watch how much I spend on food bills so I don't hit my overdraft limit. So I ask Steve (who is awake before ten for some damn stupid reason) and he seems to think the library's open 10-4. Only now do I bother to ask what time it is, as if that might give me an answer as to why I'm feeling so shite, and find out. So I walk in, only to find that the damn place isn't open while 1 in the afternoon. Another half an hour for the walk back, and I collapse into bed. Wake up at five minus change, walk in again (I'm getting tired of these fucking walks by now), get everything sorted out in that I can still pay the fine and that voids the invoice. Seventeen quid is a lot nicer price for some overdue books than seventy. But still, that sums up most of my day.

Oh, and then I get back to the Forum, to find people saying "Ahhh, Achilles[1] has been well behaved the last couple of weeks, I'm going to forgive him." Excuse me? Have these people taken leave of their senses, or just forgotten what Shithead is like? He does this every fscking time he returns. Each and every time. He comes back, acts all polite and normal for a while, gets some people to trust him or forgive him or whatever then get s his rocks off a couple of weeks later when he starts shit all over again. How people can be so utterly fucking naive as to trust this moron when he's acting true to form is beyond me. But yeah, I ain't ever going to trust Shithead. The four times he's pulled this stunt so far have made me think that this time is going to be just the same. But don't worry. I'll try not to take too much pleasure in saying "I told you so" when I inevitably will have to.

I need to catch up with work this weekend. I've had too much time that I've taken to myself. I need to refocus and code stuff... and the library has the books I need.

A Friends Only post follows this, and it's for a subset of the list so don't be upset if you're on the list but the post don't seem to be there. It's a warning as I know some people that are on the list don't normally log in and I probably won't catch them on IMs.
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