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Gmail's blocked at work and currently isn't resolving on the Treo. This is bad. Can't see whether anything's worked for Wednesday night, can't see what's going on. Obviously, this leads me to the inevitable conclusion that Wednesday is going to be a clusterfuck.

protocol_rain has left many voicemails and e-mails with Edinburgh University Settlement with respect to hiring the top of the Forrest for torchie/steward training. He's heard nothing back at all (as of last night, anyway). We need the space, the back of a pub just doesn't cut it any more. But with that not an option and me far too busy at work today to ring around people, I chucked purplerabbits a list of places to check out. I don't know the outcome of any of them, but I get the feeling that even if we get one it's going to be a bugger to let everyone know about the change in venue at the last minute.

I'm embodying my dad's old saying: "Be a pessimist, then things can only get better." Not great for morale, but it'll do.

In New Awakening news, I've worked out Arcanum allocations for the Watchtowers. I've also worked out some sigchars. Thing is, I don't have my notes here with me to give lists or anything, so I shall instead update that tonight. Once it's done, I'll collate it all on (which will give me an excuse to do other ones, like the Trinity/Deus Ex game or the Mirrorworld thing. Dunno about the R3/Urban Fantasy thing, I'll conspire a bit with eyebeams once I've done revising it. Oh, shit. I left my 24-hour-supers game dead in the water almost 9 months ago. I really should go back and revisit that. Mostly because I've worked out a way of doing some of the things I wanted to.
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