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Last Call for the Day

Last one. But I have my notes.

Done Today:
  • Completed stuff for both people breathing down my neck at work
  • Had my first real nicotine rush in about six months
  • Checked over redlines for Nice Spleen, Bitch
  • Mailed two more steward-hopefuls
  • Sorted location for tomorrow night (through the expediencies of texting grendelsmere, I did nothing else)
  • Got soaked walking home. Loved every second of it.
To do tomorrow:
  • Work, obviously
  • Phone novatech
  • Ask Rob to drop stuff in to TSB for me
  • Finally spend that Amazon voucher from my last job. Tim Powers novels == good.
  • Stewarding plan from 6 in the Forest
  • Torchie meeting from 7, same place
  • Away to the pub
And for Thursday/Friday/Saturday:
  • Do redlines for Nice Spleen, Bitch
  • Sleep
  • Pay the bloody council
  • Socialise, amount dependant on how much fun the redlines turn out to be
Here's hoping I remember

Today's New Awakening:

That bell's last orders, sunshine. Get another round in. And a packet of pork scratchings, I could just do with some to soak up the ale. You can have the soft ones. What're you questioning me for? Just do it, I'll explain pubs later, when I'm finished with the underlying nature of reality. Fucking septics have no priorities.

Good. That's better. Now. The last crucial thing you need to know are the Watchtowers. We don't have long before we get kicked out, so I'll be quick. You sit there and drink and listen. The beer makes sure this conversation goes into state memory, you won't remember until you meet me again, in here, and drink the same beer. Simple enough trick, but a bugger to undo. So drink up, you've another couple of pints to go.

The Atlantean model of a pentagram is fair enough, it makes sense — like all lies it has its grounding in truth. But it's still another lie, another memetic incursion into the common headspace. The pentagram isn't a graph of the Arcana or anything. Look, think of it this way. If I tear this beer mat into a simple approximation like so, then I can tell you what each point represents. You've got the Will, the Form, the Spirit, the Cycle, and the World. Each of those points has two watchtowers, like if I pushed a cocktail stick through each point. One either side, at right-angles to the shape.

One side, which some wankers call the "ascendant" side for no readily apparent reason, has the Watchtowers of the Golden Key, Perfect Geometry, Stone Book, Lunargent Thistle and Sapphire Globe. That's Will, Form, Spirit, Cycle, and World. They're all about working within their elements — seekers of the Lunargent Thistle don't try to break the Cycle, they take what it brings as it comes or give it a bit of a nudge. Likewise, the Sapphire Globe don't think that the world is here for living things, or that life is irrelevant &emdash; all the world matters, and they use that to their advantage.

What the selfsame tossers call the "descendant" side is the side for people who exert personal mastery. Seekers of the Golden Key refine their Will through excercises and thoughtforms, seekers of the Iron Gauntlet don't give a shit, twisting other tools to their use as they need to. The Watchtowers on this side are the Iron Gauntlet, Shining Tesseract, Shadow Blade, Burning Wheel, and Lead Coin. Same order as before. The Burning Wheel will fuck with the Cycle to get what they need, but don't get the benefits of working within it like the Lunargent Thistle. It's not a simple thing to explain, but when you meet a few of the other buggers you'll figure the difference easy enough.

Last call to head home, sunshine. If you really want to meet more, come back here next week. Don't tell anyone you met me. There'll be others here. Who am I? Well, that's a good question. I know you want to know my name, but I don't know if I trust you enough to give you any name just yet.

What the Hell. Call me "Hemmingway".
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