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Ganked from El Reg:

Two years ago 73 per cent of company directors were in favour of ID cards but that figure has now fallen sharply despite the London bombings.

Only 45 per cent of company directors now believe the introduction of ID cards would make British cities safer from terrorist attack and just 26 per cent think they would benefit their business. The same number of directors believe the death sentence for terrorist killers would make us safer. The figures come from a quarterly survey from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Is that the death sentence for anyone who kills a terrorist? Or for a group that includes suicide bombers (for whom, the death sentence is rather pointless)? Bad grammar! No biscuit.

Either way, it doesn't really matter. What this shows is people finally waking up the fact that ID cards are at best a waste of perfectly good money (£20m already according to the same article) and at worst dangerous things that have no tangible benefit and treat the holders as criminals. Criminals — people who have false details in government databases — aren't going to be deterred by the ID card, only nominally law-abiding people.

I'm preaching to the converted, I know.

Reviewed the redlines. The chapter I liked more has more to do, but not by much. Doesn't look too hard. Personal turnaround deadline is for Sunday. Generally, I'm happy with them — clarifications on things I wasn't sure about, and suggestions for how to expand what I have, rather than "This is a bag of wank, rewrite it you fucking long-haired hippie."
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