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The lack of BOFH recently is beginning to nark me. One of the few things to do on a Friday lunchtime other than lose money playing pool and it's not been update in several weeks.

Advertising campaign appears to have worked -- there's over 50 people split between the mailing list and people I've sent mails to in the last week or so who haven't yet subscribed. Dunno how many of them are serious, but if we keep getting more I'm going to have to start putting people in reserve. It's a nice position to be in, but it is more and more feeling like I've got a field full of cats to herd. Forgot to add to the list that I'll be deciding roles for people who don't mind being either or who indicated they wanted to be torchies — have to look at the distributions and do some basic stuff involving everything from weight of numbers to interpersonal politics analysis. Social systems, bah. So fuzzy I have to spend whole days formalising them to the point that I can hack them on a low level[0]. But once done, they're done for a short while. Just got to hope for no more major changes to the model's internal pathways, that always gives me a headache.

Along somewhat similar lines, I've been experimenting with other forms of self-analysis, ones which don't require drugs or hypnotism. No idea if they'll work or not.

Tonight. Tonight I will sleep (after heading to the pub and doing what I need to, of course). And I will also get this song out of my head. It's a fantastic song, but it's getting overplayed even on the mental radio...

[0]: A trait some people will realise is otherwise called 'being a manipulative git'.

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